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OHMI Covering

One Heart Ministries International Haiti (OHMIHAITI) has been part of FIRE International (F.I.) sending agency since its birth. F.I. is more than just a sending base for OHMIHAITI. Their history and influence in my wife’s life goes far beyond what they do for OHMIHAITI on a day-to-day basis. Though OHMIHAITI functions as its own ministry, we have given F.I. an open door to track with us in our personal and ministry journey.

FIRE Brief History

FIRE was born out of the Brownsville Revival in Pensacola Florida during the mid-1990’s. The revival touched thousands in America and around the world. Among them was my wife, she was saved, captured, changed, trained and sent out by FIRE School of Ministry. After spending 3 1/2 years at the school she graduated in 2000 as a licensed and ordained minister. Since then F.I. has trained and equipped hundreds of full-time missionaries that are still serving throughout the world. These missionaries are establishing churches, orphanages, nutritional farms to feed malnourished children, discipleship training schools, safe houses to fight the sex slave trade, marketplace ministries and so much more. To learn more about F.I., please click here.

What Does F.I. Do For OHMI?

Under F.I., Tabitha and James Adams are ordained and licensed ministers. Under the F.I. organization, OHMIHAITI functions as a 501(c)3 ministry, which provides a tax- deductible status to gifts from all of our donors and supporters. Some of the F.I. leadership team also serve on OHMIHAITI’s Board of Advisors. As part of the F.I. team we count ourselves privileged to have been running with a group of committed, radical and intense world-changers.